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Computer Science for Cultural Heritage

Year: I
Semester: First
Second level degree : EUROMACHS - European Heritage, Digital Media and the Information Society
Course language: English


Prof. Franco Tommasi

Course aims and acquired skills

The course aims at providing the students coming from the humanities with the basics of Computer Science. A particular focus will be placed on tools that have become fundamental in their primary field of interest.

The student will be able to exploit the power of the command line interface to deal with basic computer problems. Such skills will prove useful in other courses (ex. database, web technologies) when he will be requested to install, run and manage relevant software for those fields.

Admission requirements

Familiarity with computers (at least at ECDL level)


- What is an operating system

- The UNIX operating system

- The shell and the Command Line Interface

- Useful UNIX commands and utilities

- Scripting languages and their use

- Text encoding – Unicode, UTF8 and related tools

- File formats: description and manipulation (text, image, audio, video)

- Network basics and main network tools

- Computer security – digital objects integrity and authenticity

- Introduction to LaTeX

Teaching materials

All teaching materials are available in the course moodle site (credentials required)

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